Indurante & Associates works with companies to accumulate the best available information through our uniquely designed data package. Indurante & Associates prepares all tax reports and analysis needed to file the most comprehensive and accurate returns on your behalf to maximize your tax savings. Traditional paper and online filings are submitted timely in all the applicable state taxing jurisdictions including the Texas counties.

Our tax analysts review the assessments for errors or discrepancies. Our established presence in the industry enables Indurante & Associates to resolve issues with the states informally. In rare cases of formal protest, our knowledgeable and experienced team is prepared to make the strongest arguments to resolve the issue and maximize savings for our clients.

Indurante & Associates has several tax payment service options to facilitate your company’s needs. Tax bills are verified for accuracy and payments are issued timely to meet the various and multiple due dates to the state, county and city taxing authorities.

To maintain a transparent environment, annual documentation of the tax filings and payments are provided to the client. Reports can be prepared and customized to fit a company’s individual needs.